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SPIDER.JPG (18866 bytes)

WITCH.JPG (32379 bytes)

A pneumatically controlled spider.  A motion sensor would cause the legs to flail about.  This prop took way too much air and I'm looking for improvements for next year.

A witch in the tree.  She showed up bettter at night with the spotlights on.

LEGS2.JPG (17563 bytes)

LEGS1.JPG (14003 bytes)

Legs - connected finally to a 12-inch pop-up lawn sprinkler head.  They swung back when motion was detected.  I'd like to have the legs swing back and forth like someone is kicking for next year.

An old drill motor that had an arm connnected to the shoes of the legs.   The legs were supposed to kick back and forth, but they were too heavy for the drill motor.
SOLENOID.JPG (35969 bytes) PARTS.JPG (26530 bytes)
A photo of the vairous air solenoids I used to operate the legs, grave jumper, and spider. The brains of the operation.  I used X-10 devices, valves, and 555 timers to automate the system.  everything was housed in a Rubbbermaid tub with a lid to keep rain out.