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Kona Photos

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Team Diabetes 2001
L-R Sylvia Balderrama, Jennifer Broome, Jacqueline Ortiz,
Michelle Aguilera, Donna Hofmann, Kim Kerley, John Sturm
Front Joe Henske

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We loaded up on carbs and positive energy at the
Pasta Party!
Glad to be on the "finished" side of the line! A successful finish for Michelle!

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All for one, and one for all, as Sylvia, Jennifer and Jacqueline cross the finish line! Dynamic Duo Joe and John with a strong finish! Kim completes her first marathon with a smile!

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Our Hero! Jeanina (Sylvia's cousin) was awesome!
She became a great friend to each of us!
Diabetes won't hold these two back! The victory luau was a great opportunity to share great food, stories, aches and pains!

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Many new friendships were formed! Tropical beverage, anyone? Let's go for a run-NOT!

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Co-workers, great friends and (now) marathon
partners, Jacqueline and Jennifer toast their successful day and accomplishment.
The Kona Marathon was an incredible experience
for each of us.
Those Hawaiians really know how to throw a victory